MichellePJones, Inc. (MPJI) is a professional services firm specializing in empowering and equipping entrepreneurial creatives and writers with a strategic plan (that contains actionable steps) that channels their creativity into a business format designed to position them to attain their goals and offer an exceptional literary masterpiece to the marketplace.


Being an author involves more than just writing, it also includes the Business of Writing. The Business of Writing involves everything that the writer/author needs to know, utilize and understand before they write, while writing and after they finish writing; but before they begin their pre-publishing process. In this video learn three key components of the Business of Writing!!! For more information, schedule a FREE Discovery Call at Solo.to/MichellePJones.

FREE Discovery (Clarity) Call

If you are unsure of which services will best suit your needs, schedule a FREE Discover Call and let's talk about it. The purpose of the call is to determine what services you may need and if I am a good fit as your coach. Keep in mind this is the perfect time to ask whatever questions you may have and I promise to answer openly and honestly. The Discovery Call will be on Zoom, and the link will be sent via email.

MPJI provides writing strategist services that educates, inspires and empowers writers to structure their writing activities as a business through the digital courses offered through the Authorpreneur Academy from the following educational packages: the Writer's BookKamp, Authors Get The B.A.G. (Brand, Action Goals) Marketing Program, and Your Journey to Authorpreneurship. As an Amazon International Best Selling author, Michelle, is in a unique position to help authors build their confidence as an author, navigate their author journey and learn how to monetize their literary projects.

Ask me how?

The Author's BookKamp

The Author's BookKamp Programming is a program to help authors write their literary projects in 31 days. Yes, 31-days!!! The BookKamp is designed to help the author navigate their writing process as they take their author journey. The BookKamp will help each author get clear on their process to achieve the success they envision for their book/literary project. The author will accomplish this by:

  1. learning the business of writing (protecting your intellectual property, tech tools to help self-edit, hiring the right graphic artist, the importance of securing a professional editor, etc.)

  2. clearly identifying their vision and purpose for their book/literary project;

  3. pulling out the 5 key takeaways each reader will easily identify when reading their book/literary project; and

  4. setting realistic action steps/goals for their book (financial, sales, targeted advertising, etc.).

Once this 4-step process is completed, the author will be able to clearly identify their ideal reader, have practical steps and tech tools to create basic advertising/marketing paraphernalia with their ideal reader in mind, and position themselves to experience the success they envision. It will also equip him/her with the tools to level up and become an authorpreneur, if they choose that path.

The Author's BookKamp has coached two new authors to become award winning authors. Both authors' first books are American BookFest 2021 Inaugral American Writing Awards finalists. I welcome the opportunity to help you write an award winning book in 31 days. Together, we can create a literary masterpiece where your success is achieved one page at a time! Now let’s get to work, your audience is waiting! For more information and/or sign up for the Author's BookKamp, please click the link below.

Where your Journey to Authorpreneurship BEGINS!!!

The Authorpreneurship Program helps authors develop a lucrative business centered around the content from their literary projects. This program is designed for those individuals who are interested in taking their identity as an author to the next level, an authorpreneur. Each participant will be taught:

  1. how to structure shift their mindset and business to that of a business,

  2. develop a strategic action plan for their authorpreneurial project.

  3. to create digital content, introduced to relevant systems

  4. Create a process that translates into sales.

Each participant will have access to the online lessons, live and video trainings, participation in a private Facebook group of other like-minded authors, have access to weekly office hours, participate in the intake/clarity session, and have 3-4 individual coaching sessions to use at your discretion. For more information regarding the Authorpreneurship program, please contact us at MzMichellePJones@gmail.com with the Authorpreneurship Program in the subject line.

Experiencing Transformational Change

"I wanted to thank you for a great (Growth through Transformational Change) presentation last night. I have already received several emails stating how much the members enjoyed the meeting and are looking forward to completing the eBook. Thank you for empowering the women in our community and your continued commitment to DFSI."

-Patricia Coleman, Success Coach, Dress for Success-Indianapolis

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