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Ignite your full potential! Take action now and schedule a FREE Discovery Call to find the perfect services customized for your needs. Let's discuss your dream/goals and determine if I'm the ideal coach for you. During this call, we will discover the key that unlocks your potential by determining the precise services you require. It's an opportunity for you to ask your burning questions and gain a comprehensive understanding of how my expertise aligns with your goals. Trust me when I say I am committed to providing you with honest, open, and transparent answers. Don't wait any longer—begin your transformative journey today!

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Do you have questions? Are you stuck and need a minute to talk it out with someone who understands? 

Coach Michelle will answer questions regarding authorship, writing, publishing, monetizing your book, overcoming writer's block, and how to leverage your book. 

Click the link below, and ask me anything? There's no fee, let's talk! I can help you move forward with your literary project.

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The Authorpreneur's Studio

I am PERSONALLY inviting YOU to JOIN the Authorpreneur's Studio community. By joining this community, you will benefit from the trainings, tips, tools and conversations that will take place in this space.  In this is the space, we will leverage our love of writing, desire to share information with our community, and our savvy mindset into a lucrative business.

There are BENEFITS to being in this extraordinary community. You will get access to the information before anyone else. Plus, you will get FREE information and access to products and/or services before the general public. I believe KNOWLEDGE is power, and this is the space where we will purposefully share the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM we each hold. Let's grow, learn and experience authorpreneurship TOGETHER!!! As I always say, " excuses... let's get to work!"

Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC

...where we tell stories and build communities!

Are you looking for an independent publishing company to help you navigate your publishing journey? Look no further!!! Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC helps authors structure a unique author journey that invigorates and empowers them to produce and offer an exceptional literary project to the marketplace. A journey that encourages the author to boldly step into their divinely assigned space.

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