The Get Courageous Program challenges each participant to grow personally and professionally into who they are designed, destined and purposed to be, and develop the tools and skills they need to live their life authentically. As we all know, there are many experiences and obstacles each of us encounters in life. Those experiences and obstacles are NOT designed to destroy us, but to strengthen and challenge us to learn new things about ourselves, and to discover what we are made of. The Get Courageous Program is designed to help each participant learn things about themselves, challenge themselves to keep moving forward (even though everything in them is telling them to quit), and begin living authentically (if they are committed to the process and do their self-work).

The Get Courageous Program will help you begin intentionally living a purposeful life, especially if...

  • you talk yourself out of doing what your heart has been telling you to do.

  • you have a burning desire to create a business, write a book, start a ministry, begin doing the things on your bucket list, etc.

  • you allow obstacles and life happening moments to be the excuse you use to quit.

  • you want to develop the tools/abilities to realize your vision, make it plain and live it OUT LOUD and in living color.

During the initial 5-day Challenge, each participant will develop the skills to...

  1. Unlock their hidden gems (A journey to discover, expand, quantify, qualify, and unlock your hidden GEMS.)

  2. Show Up Authentically (Speaks to how you show up in life to live out your purpose and conduct business.)

  3. Fear Factor vs. 'I Am' Factor (Learn that FEAR has a purpose for showing up in your life, and the power of the 'I Am' Factor.)

  4. Create Their Confidence Avatar (Learn how to design a more enhanced and self-confident YOU!)

  5. Mindfulness: Habits of the Mind (Learn how to use mindfulness to change and create new habits.)

Included in the Course/Program:

  1. Program Kick-off 5-day Challenge with workbook

  2. 4-Weekly Coaching Sessions/Meet-ups (to check progress on goals and Q&A)

  3. 31-Day Get Courageous Journal

  4. 7-Steps to Releasing Fear eBook.

Cost of the Program is $497 (payment plans available).

Please complete the form below to register for the Course/Program and schedule your FREE Discovery Call. All participants MUST schedule the FREE Discovery Call before course/program begins.