Brown Girlz Readz Book Club

The Brown Girlz Readz Book Club is for individuals who want to be part of a community of authors, publishing professionals and readers who use reading as a self-care tool. The Brown Girlz Readz Book Club is meant to inspire, encourage and enable its members to see reading as a way to relax and escape from their everyday issues and responsibilities. Participation in this book club requires its members to intentionally set aside time daily to read and take some time to themself. The Authorz Talk Series on the Girlz Talk... Real Talk Podcast spotlights authors and their literary projects as part of its Conversation with the Author, for readers to learn more about the passion and inspiration behind each author's literary project(s). For more information, please contact us at

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Brown Girlz Readz Book Club is on Clubhouse

Brown Girlz Readz Book Club meets weekly on Clubhouse to provide authors with a space to talk with their readership, publishers to share important aspects of the publishing process, and readers to have invaluable conversations with the authors of the books they read. The Brown Girlz Readz Book Club will host three topics: Conversation with the Authors, Just Write, and Authors' Readz Sessions. This book club is for well-known and best selling authors, as well as for new authors who are building their readership.

The Conversation with the Authors sessions will include a panel of authors who will share their love of writing, what inspires them to write, and how they became authors during a conversation with their readership. This is a great time for authors to hear from their readership what they liked most about their books and how their books have inspired, motivated and empowered them to keep moving forward in life.

The Just Write Sessions are for writers/authors to have a safe place to write in collaboration with others. The session will begin with a mindfulness exercise and writing prompt, before softly playing music that encourages the authors/writers to just write.

The Authors' Readz Sessions are for authors and their readership. This is where authors will read excerpts from their books and interact with their readership. The readers will be able to ask questions about their book and the process they used when writing the book.

Any author, coach, publisher and/or writer wanting to be featured during one of the Brown Girlz Readz Book Club sessions, please follow the instructions below.

Quarterly Brown Girlz Readz

Publishing Industry Experts' Panel

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