The Author's BookKamp

The Author's BookKamp Programming is a program to help authors write their literary projects in 31 days. Yes, 31-days!!! The BookKamp is designed to teach the ABC's of Writing while helping the author navigate their writing process as they take their author journey. The BookKamp will help each author get clear on their process to achieve the success they envision for their book/literary project.  Email us at for the date of the next class.

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The cost of the course is $597.

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Client Testimonials

"When beginning the writing process, I was sure I knew what it all entailed until I attended the BookKamp's weekly class. Not only was I not prepared, but I also learned that I knew nothing about how to apply what I wanted my readers to obtain from my writing. Michelle Jones' coaching style opens up what God has within you. With all the knowledge received from her one-on-one coaching style, I found the confidence I needed to complete my book within 30 days. I also found myself anxiously waiting for the next BookKamp class for information to be poured into me to write a successful book. What the BookKamp also teaches you is more than applying words on paper, but finding yourself through the writing process. Step by step instructions are given to each individual person who attends the BookKamp, which helps you get to the next level in your written communication skills. The BookKamp takes you through a process that not only prepares you mentally, but also spiritually, as you allow God to download through you."

Daisy Wadlington-Marrs, Author

"Woman to Woman: A Wrong Turn in Life"

"The call last night broke some barriers for me. It was the lesson and the conversation with you ladies that made the difference, and I woke up so much lighter. In two and half hours, I have completed 3773 words of my 7,000 word assignment! Glory to God!! I have been praising and thanking God because he knew what I needed to turn that corner and finish this book. When you said this is the writing stage, not the editing stage, simply write it clicked in me and I'm writing. I just had to say thank you, and I will tell Miss. Patricia and Miss. Daisy as well. Well, I have a counseling appointment, but I wanted to shoot this email and let you know before I get busy again. I thank God for you, and I appreciate you. Have a wonderful day." 

Rosetta Priestly, Author

"Release Moments"